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Thursday, 15 December 2016

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Operating Systems Assignment help
Operating System(OS) is a program which acts as an intermediary between the computer hardware and user and manages and controls execution of all types of programs, at initial stage it is loaded in the computer by a boot program. It provides an environment in which the user executes the program in a convenient and efficient manner. In technical term, operating system is defined as software which manages the hardware and it controls the resource allocation and services like processors, devices, memory and information and it is also known as low-level software that support’s the basic functioning of the computer like recognizing input given from the keyboard, providing output on the display screen, keeping files and directories on a disk, controlling the peripheral devices like drives and printers. All the other programs on a computer are known as application programs or applications and these applications are processed and executed with the help of OS. Applications use OS by sending request for service with the help of API(Application Program Interface) and users interact directly with OS with user interface like command language or GUI(Graphical User Interface). OS is responsible for security, it ensures that no unauthorized users can access the system.
Operating System is classified as Multiuser i.e., it allows more than two users to run their programs at same time, Multiprocessing i.e., program can run on more than one CPU, Multitasking i.e., more than one program can run concurrently and Real time i.e., responds instantly to the input. Its main services includes: user interface, application program commands, installation supervision, working of programs, hardware, control on input and output functions, allocation of system resource and peripheral devices, managing files and directories and file sharing and network functions.
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