A way out her to connect them so to remember - New York, NY

Monday, 21 July 2014

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A way out her to connect them so to remember route hers kidnapped different subnet so if you have computer on one network and printer on a different network theyneed a router to communicate even if they're plugged in at physical yet to the same swept so this is very important to understand see you can have multiple subnets multiple networks all plugged into the same physical switch in this is not be lance is it like 6Kobe lands are like rowdy nurse switching the lands this is simply how TCPIP works so if you have computers on different subnets on different networks even though they're connected to a switch so they're physically connect together 350-080 they still cannot talk to each other this very important to understand so this subnet mask is what tells you what par the IP address is for the network and what part the Padres is for the device on the network so this here is what's called a class see something that since I know what's going on I can automatically look at this classy subnet .